Branding + Web + Marketing

nude&rude is a sunless tanning brand that is introducing its revolutionary self-tanning products to the Southeast European market. While the market may not be familiar with nude&rude's technology, customers are already aware of similar products available at local beauty retailers that do not meet their needs. In order to differentiate their innovative self-tanning products, nude&rude asked us to develop a brand position, creative expression, and visual and verbal communication program. By clearly defining the brand and effectively communicating its unique value proposition, nude&rude hopes to stand out in a crowded market and meet the needs of its target customers.


Together with the n&r team, we decided on a distinctive and confident name that connected with the target audience and placed a brand on the spotlight. Following the main brand attributes; Rebelious, Glamourous, Confident; we designed the first and most important part of the brand, its logo. With carefull choice of typography, paired with minimal and bold expression, the brand mark was born. It happens on the interaction between luxury and rebelliousness, classiness and rudeness, expressiveness, and minimalism.


We suggested to nude&rude that beauty products should start with the person. By understanding the emotional drivers of target audiences and considering the competitive landscape, we identified an opportunity to position the product as a woman's dose of confidence. A product that will help them stay away from the harmful influence of the solarium and still give the customers wanted tan. Together we produced photography and messaging expressing the brand's rebellious character, website design and development to drive conversions, and brand guidelines to empower the internal team.


The essence of the n&r brand was it's website and e-commerce platform. Besides establishing credibility and building trust with the customers, the website is doing a main role as a core selling tool for the products. We started with conducting an online presence strategy which afterwards spread into a complex visual and verbal digital framework (system). The result was a compelling brand story and presentation with a functional shop that eventually helped boosting conversions and sales.


“Working with the SMI team was a pleasure. Always displaying a strong commitment to our objectives, we were met with a secure and engaging approach. They understood clearly what goals we need to achieve and how to achieve them. The result speaks for itself; we got a world-class brand that easily dominated the market in a short period of time. All in all, a fantastic experience."

Srdjan Miljanic, Co-founder