Branding + Web

Cimet Software is a team of skilled coders and designers who specialize in creating exceptional digital products in the telecommunications industry. Despite their talent and drive, the company struggled to connect with their outdated visual identity. This mismatch between the brand and its representation hindered marketing efforts, made it difficult to attract new clients, and impacted employee morale. To address these issues, Cimet turned to us for help in redefining, refreshing, and repositioning their brand in order to solidify their place in the competitive tech market.


To kick off the project, we worked closely with Cimet's leadership team to identify and prioritize their short and long-term goals. We then conducted a comprehensive analysis of the brand, its target users, and the competitive landscape to help Cimet clearly articulate their brand story. The result was a forward-thinking and innovative approach to the IT industry, optimized for the digital age. We transformed Cimet's outdated brand aesthetic into a modern and globally-minded system that not only stayed relevant, but also pushed the boundaries and set a new standard for design in their industry. Cimet's refreshed brand now accurately reflects their ambition to create standout digital experiences.

"Working with SMI was a fantastic experience. They were incredibly professional, punctual, and committed to helping our team achieve our goals. We couldn't be happier with the result."

Dario Savanovic, COO