As a security-focused wireless brand, Cloaked needed to establish a strong and compelling brand identity in order to secure angel investment and begin its first seed round. We worked with them to develop a clear and engaging brand story, as well as a modern and approachable visual identity system. The result was a fresh and cohesive visual identity that was perfectly timed for the brand's launch.


The brand name "Cloaked" inspired us to focus on themes of protection and security for the brand. In order to stand out in a market crowded with dark (scary) cybersecurity brands, we decided to take a lighter approach and emphasize user accessibility. This informed our color palette and logo design. The resulting visual identity is bright and conveys a sense of security and protection. The logo design symbolizes a digital padlock and also incorporates the letter C. Its versatility makes it a great element to use consistently as well as incorporating its parts creatively in the visual identity. To ensure brand durability and consistency, we created an online brand guidelines book that includes the entire branding system.