Branding + Web + App

Rezieo is a platform that aims to revolutionize the hiring process by using videos such as resume videos, video-based job descriptions, and video interviews to streamline the process of matching candidates to employers. The team behind Rezieo approached our studio to help brand the product and get it ready for launch. By leveraging the power of video, Rezieo hopes to disrupt the traditional hiring process and create a more efficient and effective way for candidates and employers to connect.


The visual identity of the brand follows modern design principles and is simple and minimalistic, suitable for a digital brand. The logo, which resembles a play button, conveys the company's focus on video and aims to appear playful and approachable. The color scheme, font, and photography direction were chosen to align with the brand's goals and attributes. The branding guide, which outlines the visual identity, was also used to create the main assets for the brand, including the website and app design. This guide will also serve as the basis for future branding efforts.